Fruška Gora is an island mountain located in Serbia, in the northern province of Vojvodina, between the Danube and Sava Rivers. The National Park Fruška Gora was established in 1960 as the first national park in Serbia. Its primary goal was to protect the ecosystems and the natural landscapes and resources of Fruška Gora.

Fruška Gora exhibits an extraordinary wealth of flora and fauna. It has 1,500 plant species. Intensive research has been conducted over the last 10 years showing that there are over 1,800 fungal species in this National Park. Also, as many as 31 orchid species grow in Fruška Gora.

The National Park Visitor Centre is located at Iriški Venac. It includes an exhibition room offering information displays on the natural and cultural resources of the National Park. Many tourists choose to have this location as a starting point for their visit.

For all lovers of activity holidays the ADVENTURE PARK has been created in the area below The Tower of Vrdnik, in one of the most beautiful sites of Fruška Gora. Vineyards cover the fertile slopes and meadows of Fruška Gora: this mountain has a centuries-old tradition of winegrowing, and it boasts more than 60 family-owned wine cellars. Also, there are as many as 16 well-preserved monasteries, which tell the story of the cultural and spiritual heritage of the people, who have inhabited this area for many centuries.
This protected natural habitat is managed by the “Fruška Gora National Park” Public Company. In addition to the principal activities of protecting and preserving the ecosystem and biodiversity, this company also rears game and organises hunting activities.

The superb location as well as the proximity to major cities make the National Park Fruška Gora an exceptionally attractive tourist destination. Owing to the abundance of natural resources and beautiful scenery , Fruška Gora is an ideal place for rest and recreation that will bring visitors close to nature, and will inspire them to keep coming back.


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